10 Secrets About Gemma

Get to know Gemma – 10 fun secrets few people know about her!

  1. Drove a corvette through the tunnels of the Swiss Alps
  2. An amorous, wolf-whistling Italian nearly crashed his car into a cruise ship while trying to hit on her
  3. Speaks German ~ used to be fluent, may be a bit rusty now
  4. Was almost kidnapped at a Caribbean resort
  5. Loves swimming with dolphins
  6. Was mugged in Miami but battled with the thief for possession of her handbag (not recommended!)
  7. Was sent to an Irish boarding school run by nuns when she was ten years old
  8. The meaning of bliss is red wine, chocolate, candles and a hot bubble bath with a great book
  9. She has a passion for travel, cultures, people and especially visiting ancient sites
  10. Loves a good mystery, whether fiction or factual
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