Letterbox Love Stories Volume I Available Now! #WRWBuzz

Since the World Romance Writers anthology Letterbox Love Stories Volume I launched a little more than a month ago, it’s been a fun and fascinating ride, kind of like surfing a wave. And I’m learning so much! About social media, promotional events, and working with other authors in a group to create success for us all.


What makes the Letterbox Love Stories Volume I anthology special?

What if a life-changing letter arrived in today’s mail? Now imagine it leads to love and adventure! From the northern British Isles, across the mainland of Europe, and on to Turkey, nine international Award-winning and Multi-published Romance Authors share spellbinding love stories told across time. This collection includes contemporary, historical and futuristic time travel romances touched by magic. And each begins with a letter…

Enjoy the many faces and places of love around the world.

The stories are novelette length, so it’s easy to read a full story in one sitting~

Each author chose a place in romantic Europe—and Turkey—as the backdrop for their unfolding love story~

The stories all begin with a life-changing letter~

Heat level ranges from sweet to sensuous~

There’s something for every taste: historical, contemporary and a time-travel futuristic.

My contribution to Letterbox Love Stories Volume I is Abandoned Treasures.

Don’t you love when two people cross paths who would normally never meet? Here’s the official blurb:


What do a reality TV star and a Sardinian billionaire have in common? Sophie Hayes buys and sells the contents of abandoned storage units. When an invitation arrives out of the blue to personally deliver an antique desk to an exotic island, she decides on a whim to spend what would have been her honeymoon with the famous Rico di Carlo. Can Rico convince Sophie in one short week to stay forever?


Sophie Hayes and Rico di Carlo came together due to a fluke. She lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and he lived on the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, an exclusive playground of the rich and famous. Imagine people with such different lives coming together due to an unusual desk, or escritoire, that she acquired and he was willing to pay any price for. Sophie is recovering from a very public broken engagement, and is ready to be pampered and loved by a real man. Can Rico be that man?


In the last few days our rankings on Amazon and Amazon Canada have been outstanding!


Thanks to each and every one of you who has purchased our anthology! The greatest pleasure for any author is to know people are enjoying the stories we write.

table-1489057__180Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay well hydrated, protect your skin, and make sure to escape by reading plenty of romance to carry you away on a wave of enjoyment.







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