PumpkinsIn September we shift gears—and our energies—from living the external life during spring and summer to a more internal and reflective mode during autumn and winter.

October is the month for the mysterious, spooky, unexplained and downright scary, depending on how far you are willing to go. Some like it magical and some like it horrific.

Pumpkins, ghosts and witches are the themes in October. Nightmares and otherworldly experiences abound. In truth, this was a very sacred time in the ancient calendar. Halloween was the end of the old year and November 1 was the beginning of the new year. The veil between the worlds of the living and dead is always thinnest at this time of the year, and the ancient peoples welcomed advice, insights and prophecy from those who had gone home. Dreams were intense and prophetic.

My maternal grandmother was a witchy woman. She lived in a small town in rural Ireland. One day a strange event took place and it continued off and on for a month. Nana’s bedroom was small, and her bed was pushed up against a corner of the room. When she was in her sixties, she went through a phase where she was afraid to sleep in her room. She claimed once she fell asleep an arm would reach out through the wall and grab her, shaking her in terror out of her sleep and out of the bed. Turning the excitement up a notch, one night the ceiling lamp—a simple thing—literally unhitched itself from the ceiling and instead of just dropping to the floor below, flung itself at high speed toward Nana in her bed—at a good 45 degree angle. The next day she went to church and got a liter of holy water. She splashed it all over her room, rubbed the walls, ceiling and floor, and prayed all day. She never had another supernatural experience, and was not willing to talk about what happened ever again. Maybe she was afraid that by talking about the wicked spirit, she might attract it back.

Autumn Masquerade - SiteMy novella, Autumn Masquerade, is a fun story this time of year. A career woman who has secretly been psychic all her life tries to make sure her two worlds never overlap. When she finds out that the masquerade ball she is working as a psychic is for her boss and co-workers, she wonders how she will be able to keep her secret. Especially from her boss, a widower she’s been in love with since his wife died. Will she manage to keep her secret? Not if his deceased wife has anything to do with it…

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