Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle

Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle

Gemma loves crafting the different members of the royal families and then weaving them together through the plots and intrigues that play out on the pages of these novellas. The focus is on love, courage, intrigues and betrayals in the desert kingdoms of the Golden Triangle.

The time line spans more than two hundred years, so although most of the stories are contemporary, some stories show the historical aspect of where it all went wrong in the beginning. The underlying common thread in all the stories involves a mysterious amulet crafted by a powerful witch from the Celtic lands with the help of a desert djinn.

Meet the key players in the Golden Triangle, as their stories unfold in this ongoing series. Visit their palaces, and experience the inner workings of their complex relationships. As the series progresses, so will the mysteries and suspense.

Watch for another series coming soon that has tie-ins with the Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle series, as well as its own stand alone plots!

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The Sheikh's Spy - Click to EnlargeThe Sheikh’s Spy

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The Sheikh’s Spy is the story of Sheikh Adnan of Zahiria and Olympia Green, the courageous woman who risked her life to save his.When Olympia Green becomes collateral against her brother’s gambling debt, she is whisked away by a dark, brooding sheikh and locked up in the women’s quarters of his desert fortress. Being a sex toy in a wealthy sheikh’s pleasure chest does not suit her.

When she overhears a plot to assassinate a neighboring sheikh, she decides to take a gamble of her own, and escape from her prison in order to warn him.

When an unknown foreign woman shows up in his palace in the middle of the night, Sheikh Adnan distrusts her motives. Once he learns she was kidnapped and has risked her life in order to save his, he will stop at nothing to keep her by his side.

The stakes are already high. When Adnan learns that the neighboring kingdoms are involved in illegal business dealings that will shake the region, he sets about bringing them to justice. So far, the famous amulet has protected Zahiria. Will it continue to do so?

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The Sheikh's Crowning - Click to EnlargeThe Sheikh’s Crowning

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The Sheikh’s Crowning is a 37,000 word novella with some sex scenes. It would be rated R at the cinema.

Rick Green’s career as an FBI agent is on hold while he heals from an unexpected stay in a palace dungeon. For two years he tracked an international sex slave trafficking ring until it led him to the kingpin. When Sheikh Adnan of Zahiria rescues him from Sheikh Mahjub of Burindi, an alluring woman by the name of Sula captivates his heart. But nobody seems to know who she is. Can he trust her or is she there to spy on him, or even kill him?

Princess Yasmine of Zahiria is a lonely young widow who has lived a somber and sad life. When the wounded American stranger is delivered to her palace, she is fascinated by him. Not wanting him to know she is a royal princess, she tells him her name is Sula and allows him to think she is simply a dancing harem girl.

After her husband was assassinated, Yasmine vowed never to love a man with a dangerous career again. Once he learns the object of his desire is a princess, Rick believes he has nothing to offer a woman who has it all. Can these two lovers find a compromise that works for them both?

Danger arises when an assumed ally turns out to be intent on sabotaging peace, hijacking a kingdom to make it his own, and reestablishing the sex slave business.

All is not as it seems, and truths shift as fast as the desert sands. Soon the man who thought himself a commoner has a kingdom to rule. Will the woman he wants be able to set aside her fears to become his Queen? The mysterious amulet reappears, and with it a warning that echoes through time. Will the House of Zahiria and the House of Burindi ever find peace?

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The Amulet - Click to EnlargeThe Amulet

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This novella is a Prequel to the Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle series. How can an amulet of protection lie at the root of the problems amongst the kingdoms? Oonagh, a powerful witch, crafts an amulet for her daughter Zoe when she weds the Crown Prince of Zahiria. The amulet will protect her husband’s kingdom. But Zoe is a petulant, selfish girl who ignores her mother. She becomes queen and gives birth to a royal son. Then she falls in love with a stranger who desires a kingdom of his own, and flees with him, leaving behind husband, son and amulet. Her new husband creates the kingdom of Burindi, and becomes consumed by his obsession to possess the amulet.

A terrible price was paid in the crafting of the elusive amulet. An injustice that echoes through the winds of time must be made right again before peace can settle in the region. Until then, the kingdoms of the Golden Triangle will continue to suffer betrayals, intrigues and wars.

Meet Queen Zoe, whose unwise choices throw the kingdoms into turmoil. Sheikh Jacobo of Zahiria still quests for peace a century later. When Princess Safir of Burindi steals his most precious treasures, and threatens the very core of his kingdom’s existence, will a new war be unavoidable?

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Christmas Spirits - Click to EnlargeChristmas Spirits is a holiday story about the undying love between Sheikh Khazan and his deceased wife, Anna. It is set at the magical Winterthorne Castle in Ireland. This story reassures us that true love never dies, it transcends time and space.When Queen Anna died too young, she promised her beloved husband, Sheikh Khazan, he would never know a lonely Christmas. She has spent every Christmas Eve with him ever since. This year things have changed. Anna bargained with the powers that be for them to experience love in the flesh again, one last time.Khazan rarely leaves the Irish castle that belonged to his lovely young wife. He lives all year for the one special night, when he is reunited with his soul mate. When she shows up this time as a flesh and blood woman again, he is overjoyed. Until he learns the price she paid in return for this one time gift.All Anna wants is for Khazan to leave with her when she goes this time, so they will never be parted again. Is he willing to give up everything to be with her for all eternity?Buy now! Available on Kindle by Amazon  |  Nook by BN  |  Kobo  |  iBooks  |  SMASH Words



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The Sheikh’s Lady (COMING SOON) When British antiques specialist Lady Clara Whitney is rescued from amidst the sex slaves of Burindi, Sheikh Darq of Itoria invites her to recuperate while cataloging some of his treasures where she happens upon an ancient brass lamp and inadvertently unleashes a climactic chain of events upon The Golden Triangle. In the process of all the chaos she finds the key to Sheikh Darq’s heart.

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